Eager mobile gamers know that Wednesday night is a magical time. If you’re willing to stay up way past your bedtime, you can be the first to start playing this week’s hottest new releases. And if you’re a fan of classic strategy, trivia, or wristwear, you’re going to want to set you alarm for tonight’s new App Store releases.


If you miss Nintendo’s Advance Wars series as much as we do, WarBits should be the first download you make this week. The game plays clear homage to Nintendo’s classic strategy series, and ups the ante with plenty of humor and a unique art style.

Mars Mountain

Inspired by Down the Mountain (which itself seemed influenced by Q*Bert), Mars Mountain gives endless high score chasers plenty of motivation to stay alive, with a crashed pilot trying to avoid all of the pitfalls of the harsh Martian landscape.


While the misspelling of “genius” leaves us with a bit of hesitation, it’s hard to not get excited about a new mashup that combines trivia and role-playing. We’ve seen a few things that could meet that description on the App Store before, but Dungenious is a whole other beast.

Farm Time

We’re cheating a little by including this one: Farm Time isn’t coming to the iPhone, but the Apple Watch. We don’t know much about this one yet, but it’s from Wooga (who’ve made countless great casual games for mobile), and the critters are so cute that it makes us regret waiting for the second version of the Apple Watch. If you’re an early adopter, be sure to let us know what life on a wristwatch farm is life.