Rising Warriors is an upcoming strategy game from PlayPlayFun that features armies clashing into one another in violent, but organized combat.

PlayPlayFun states that Rising Warriors is heavily inspired by games like Dragon Force and Langrisser, both anime-styled games that have players controlling groups of soldiersĀ as they prepare to charge into their opponent’s army. While Rising Warriors does not sport the anime visuals of its inspiration (it’s more akin to Kingdom Rush, visually), the core gameplay mechanics remain.

In the gameplay trailer we see a few examples of how battles will play out in the game. When the two armies meet, the ranged units will, rather naturally, be the first to engage. We see arrows, mini cannons, and magic blasting across the battlefield before the two armies clash together. Then when the armies meet they hack away at one another; when a unit falls it is placed by the one behind it.

There is something very satisfying about watching a wall of little soldiers gradually disintegrate against a stronger force, and I expect that satisfaction will amplify when it’s actually my army I’m watching win a battle.

PlayPlayFun has not yet announced a specific release date for Rising Warriors, but they expect it out sometime in April or May as a free game with IAPs for iOS devices.