If there’s one company that seems determined to have their voice heard on the App Store lately, it’s Disney. From recent releases like Disney Magic Kingdoms and Avengers Alliance 2 through to recently announced projects like Disney Crossy Road and Disney Magical Dice, they’re determined to be as familiar with the inside of your pocket as Apple itself.

And tonight? Tonight that means Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ

Mixing the worlds of Disney and Square Enix, the Kingdom Hearts series has seen its share of side releases over the years. The latest is Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ (pronounced “chi”), a game with roots in an earlier Japanese browser game. If you’re a fan of Disney-tinged RPG’s, this should be fairly high on your radar tonight.


The latest game from the creators of HoPiKo and ALONE, PKTBALL is a fresh take on Pong, the video game that started it all. Expect frantic gameplay, multiplayer, and a new approach to monetization that Laser Dog Games are calling clean freemium.

Chameleon Run

You’ll need to move fast and change colors faster in the latest release from Noodlecake Games. The company is publishing Chameleon Run — and auto-running platformer that requires players to change color to match the platforms they land on.