Tastypill (who you may remember developed last year’s Creep Shock) and BulkyPix have come together to release Mars Mountain, an upcoming endless arcade game for Android and iOS devices.

Mars Mountain is about your ship crashing upon one of Mars’ tallest mountain (arguably the tallest mountain ever, since it never ends) and the journey to the bottom of the mountain to retrieve the parts needed to repair your wrecked ship. The game plays similarly to Q*bert and Down the Mountain, but Tastypill has made Mars Mountain even more dangerous for players by adding in extra hazards that need to be dodged. Hazards like fireballs, asteroids, and alien attacks will pelt the player each step of the way.

Mars Mountain

So not only will players need to avoid stepping on dangerous mountain blocks, but they’ll need to do so while dodging and onslaught of projectiles. To sweeten the deal, players can attempt to collect stars as they strive to traverse down the mountain as long as possible. Collect enough stars and players can unlock a new character to play as.

The game features crisp and colorful graphics thanks to artist Giuseppe Longo, the artist behind 2015’s puzzle platformer, Gunbrick.

Look for Mars Mountain when it launches for Android and iOS devices on April 14th.