Flipped Out – The Powerpuff Girls is a brand new mobile game starring the titular Powerpuff Girls, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. In Flipped Out, players have the option to play in a brawler mode or a match-3 mode, with the ability to flip in-between gameplay modes at will for strategic reasons, or to simply spice things up.

Gamezebo’s Flipped Out – The Powerpuff Girls tips, cheats, and strategies are a great way to learn some of the game’s intricacies while preparing to team up with Townsville’s favorite trio of sisters.

Pickle Power

Flipped Out The Powerpuff Girls tips cheats strategies

Pickle tokens are particularly important in Flipped Out, and players will want to scoop up any of them that they come across throughout the levels. Collect enough pickle tokens and the mayor of Townsville will award you with up to three special prizes that unlock special abilities for each of the three sisters.

Look out for boxes with the mayor’s face on them. Throw an enemy into these crates to shatter them and send pickle tokens scattering around the level.

Two-Way Street

Flipped Out The Powerpuff Girls tips cheats strategies

When in the match-3 gameplay mode, keep in mind that unless the street is blocked on one end, sending an enemy flying off the screen on one side will see them return on the opposite side. Think of how PAC-MAN works and it will make sense.

Clever players can use this knowledge to their advantage. With some careful maneuvering, players can pull off some impressive skill shots that the enemies won’t even see coming.

Some walls can even deflect thrown enemies, allowing you to bounce foes off of walls to invert the direction they are traveling in. You can always use the colored tiles to easily see just where an enemy will end up when thrown at a diagonal angle.

Double-Tap to Triple-Team

Flipped Out The Powerpuff Girls Tips Cheats Strategies

A quick double-tap brought all 3 girls to safety in a flash.

This is a quick little tip that will save you a lot of tapping and swiping: by double-tapping anywhere on the screen during the brawling segments of the game, you can summon all three girls to that location without having to click and drag each one of them there.

I found this mechanic particularly helpful during boss fights where I had to quickly move all three girls out of harm’s way relatively quickly.

Hot Potato

Flipped Out The Powerpuff Girls tips cheats strategies

As Blossom (red) I could throw that monster across to Bubbles (blue) who could then throw it either straight down, or diagonally down-right.

It’s pretty easy to wrap your mind around the fact that, in the match-3 mode, you can fly into an enemy and then toss it in any direction that you choose. But did you know you can also throw the enemy to one of your other sisters, who can then throw it from their position? It opens up a whole new array of options when you can toss it to another sibling.

By combining this tip with the Two-Way Street tip from earlier in the guide. You’ll be a monster-slaying machine in no time.