If we’re looking to sum up this week’s new iPhone and iPad releases in a single word, that word would be “friends.” Whether you’re playing with real friends in Miitomo or Crazy Cake Swap, or fictional friends in Avengers Alliance 2, Flipped Out, or Willy Wonka Slots, there’s no shortage of familiar faces to keep you company this week.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2

marvel avengers alliance 2

It’s been a long time since the launch of the first Avengers Alliance — but if you’re a fan of superheroes or free-to-play RPGs, you probably remember it as one of the best. The sequel has arrived, and they’ve made a few changes. See what we thought of them in our review.

Flipped Out: The Powerpuff Girls

flipped out powerpuff girls

Speaking of superheroes, everyone’s favorite crime-fighting trio is back — and this time they’re kicking butt! …or are they playing match-3? In Flipped Out, you’ll actually get to do both.

Crazy Cake Swap

crazy cake swap

You know what match-3 games don’t have enough of? Baked goods. Also, friends. Zynga’s latest tries to solve both of these oversights, in a game where your photos become the star.



We were a little nervous about Miitomo — Nintendo’s social-networking experience for mobile phones. Is this really want we wanted from the first Nintendo mobile games? Shockingly, yes. Find out why by reading our first impressions.

LEGO Jurassic World

lego jurassic world

Like clockwork, another major LEGO release has been shrunk down for the App Store. This time around you’ll be tackling a dino-shaped experience as you journey through the lore of Jurassic Park.

League of War: Mercenaries

league of war mercenaries

Choppers and tanks and mechs, oh my! League of War is the first new game in a while from Funzio, the team behind Crime City and War of Nations.

Hammer Bomb

hammer bomb

It’s a little bit PAC-MAN, a little bit roguelike, and a whole lot of fun. Explore mazes in first-person style as you try to survive your way to the exit. Our full review can be found here.

Tap Sports Baseball 2016

tap sports baseball 2016

For baseball fans with smartphones, Hothead’s Tap Sports Baseball has been a consistent performer year after year. We’re expecting nothing less from the 2016 iteration.

Willy Wonka Slots

willy wonka slots

After striking it rich with Wizard of Oz Slots, Zynga has locked down another well-loved property for one-armed bandit lovers to take their chances with: the 1971 Gene Wilder family favorite, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

RBI Baseball 16

rbi baseball 16

Last year’s long-awaited return of RBI Baseball certainly had its share of detractors, but as an officially licensed game, there’s no question that the 2016 version is jockeying for the title of King of Swing.

Flail Rider

flail rider

Drive around town with a giant spiked ball tied to your bumper and wreck stuff. It’s just another Saturday night in the Gamezebo parking lot. Read our full review here.

Dash Masters

dash masters

Here’s something I bet you weren’t expecting — a game of jumping and dashing from the creators of the Tap the Frog franchise. Man oh man, “different direction” is putting it lightly.