Square Enix made a whole heap of announcements last night, including a September 30th worldwide release date for Final Fantasy XV, a full length CG movie setting the stage for the game, an original anime series available free on YouTube, and a mobile game coming soon.

Justice Monsters Five is a playable pinball minigame from within FFXV that combines role-playing elements with iconic franchise monsters. The Justice Monsters are a righteous group of heroes who battle to save the planet Nova from the forces of evil by recruiting monster minions in the form of powered-up pinballs. The mobile version of the minigame will be available on Google Play, the App Store and on Windows mobile and tablet devices.

FFXV features the story of Prince Noctis, heir apparent to the throne of Lucis. En route to wed his fiancée, Noctis learns that his homeland has been invaded and taken over by a treacherous imperial army. Noctis and his band of loyal friends must embark on an adventure through the land of Eos, battling epic beasts and powerful enemies, while mastering weaponry and magic for combat. And apparently along the way our heroes play a lot of pinball. Justice Monsters Five as a standalone game provides players the opportunity to “enjoy Noctis and company’s favorite pinball pastime.”

To be among the first to play Justice Monsters Five as soon as it’s available, you can preregister now for Android and iOS.