Nintendo fans, your long wait for a taste of mobile has finally arrived. Tonight sees the release of Miitomo, the first of five releases to come from the collaborative efforts of Nintendo and DeNA.

Not enough for you? There’s plenty of Telltale fun to be had, and a pair of action games to keep you on your toes. Tune in tomorrow for our full recap of this week’s releases.


Nintendo’s long-awaited first release on the App Store arrives tonight, and while it’s not strictly a game, the big N are promising plenty of social fun. Players will create a Mii (the Nintendo personal avatar of the last decade), customize them to their liking, and learn things about their friends by asking questions like “If a friend had a hair sticking out of their nose, would you tell them?”

Flail Rider

Tow cables are awesome on little cars, but only if you use them wisely. Maybe you’d like to drag a trailer behind you, or tie a rope and go skateboarding (don’t do this). But if you ask me, the most fun you can have is attaching a big, gnarly wrecking ball and wreak havoc on your your fledgling community.

Hammer Bomb

Old school first-person dungeon crawls were normally slow, strategic affairs — but what if you mixed them with a taste of Wolfenstein 3-D or Doom? Hammer Bomb is a voxel-based, fast-paced first-person dungeon crawl built around real-time action, and the latest release from publishing powerhouse Crescent Moon Games.

Minecraft Story Mode – Episode 5

While Episode 4 seemed to wrap up the initial story of your hero (and their pals), Minecraft Story Mode is far from over. Episode 5: Order Up! helps wrap up some loose ends, while setting the stage for three more episodes planned for 2016. This one is available as an in-app purchase for existing Story Mode owners, and good news: you don’t even have to wait for tonight to play it.

The Walking Dead: Michonne – Episode 2

While we found the first episode of Telltale’s latest Walking Dead series to be riddled with technical hiccups, fans of the series will no doubt want to see what twists and turns Michonne’s story takes next. Like this week’s other Telltale release (Minecraft Story Mode), existing owners can jump into an in-app purchase of Episode 2 and continue their adventure effective immediately.