SnapPals from PagodaWest Games is an odd little twitchy game based on taking photos of jumping cartoon animals. Calling itself “the best selfie game ever,” SnapPals is a high score chaser that relies on sharp reflexes to catch quick pics of your little pal.

Watch a bright little scene and wait for your friend to appear. Once it does, take as many flashy photos as you can while it’s in the frame and avoid photobombs from other characters. The more successful photos you take, the more points you accrue which earn you followers and eventually “celebrities” you can use to throw a party. Parties unlock new levels and more little friends to photograph. Celebrities are just static gold versions of regular characters, which is amusingly fitting. Parties are brief cutscenes of a door opening and some confetti dropping on bouncing sprites.


Since SnapPals is free to play, be prepared for a lot of pop-up ads and video interruptions. The most fun game mode is “frenzy” which allows you to snap, snap, snap away for an extended time and quickly earn lots of fans and celebrities. Frenzy mode has variable respawn times, so sometimes you’ll have to wait over ten minutes to play and sometimes it’s under five minutes.

While it’s nothing like their previous games Major Magnet or Circle Frenzy, SnapPals manages to retain the same sense of fun and whimsy as their previous releases.

If you ignore the fact that you aren’t taking any actual photos, nor are they actually selfies (since they are of something other than yourself), SnapPals is a cute little distraction which showers you with meaningless fanfare for doing very little. The game then is not unlike the current celebrity selfie culture we all know so well. SnapPals is available now on the App Store.