Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved small things. From insects to marbles and Micro Machine toys, everything was more interesting to me the smaller it was.  Now as an adult, it’s the micro-dioramas at the museums that I hover over longer than any other exhibit, and I still think that Micro Machines are some of the coolest toys around. I’m just a sucker for the little details, I suppose. So, knowing that about me, it should surprise no one that Hidden Folks, an upcoming hidden object iOS game, has suddenly become one of games I’m most looking forward to this year.

Game designer Adriaan de Jongh and artist Sylvain Tegroeg have teamed up to bring the world Hidden Folks, a hand-drawn and animated hidden object game that is crammed with little details across its sprawling levels.

Hidden Folks

There is not much info out about Hidden Folks just yet, but with a game like this, there isn’t really much to reveal without spoiling the fun surprises that players are likely to stumble across as they explore each level, looking for the designated objects.

De Jongh told Polygon that the factory level, which you can see part of in the title image, has over 1,300 individual characters in that particular scene. Tegroeg hand drew and animated it all by using a mixture of traditional pen and paper and digital methods to get the characters into the game.

hidden folks

On Hidden Folks’s website an animated gif (above) illustrates how players may be able to interact with the scenery to discover some of the level’s secrets.

De Jongh is aiming to release Hidden Folks sometime this year for a yet-to-be-determined premium price for iOS (as well as PC/Mac and tvOS).