While there aren’t a lot of games on our radar for this week just yet, this is usually indicative of a few big surprises on Thursday morning. So please, don’t take today’s short list as an indication of a yawn-inducing week on the App Store — instead, you should probably treat this as the calm before the storm.

King Rabbit

Fans of Furdemption have been chomping at the bit like eager beavers bunnies for the release of its sequel. No longer called Furdemption 2, King Rabbit takes our bunny hero out of the depths of hell to present more fast-paced action / puzzle challenges. BONUS: You don’t even have to wait until tonight. King Rabbit hopped onto the App Store earlier this morning.

Total War Battles: Kingdom

Big battles are a big deal on the App Store, but few series have mastered the idea of “big” quick as well as Total War. The first mobile entry in the series really impressed us with its mix of real-time strategy and resource management. Now, four years later, Total War Battles: Kingdom is looking to continue that tradition.

Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble

While we haven’t seen a full Yo-Kai Watch entry on mobile yet (and considering how popular it’s proving on the 3DS where they can demand a truly premium price, rightfully so), Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble is here to offer an alternate take on the world of watch battles. This one takes inspiration from games like Puzzle & Dragons, but utilizes a wholly original approach to matching gameplay.