The team at Hipster Whale know a thing or two about classic franchises. After having a breakout hit with their debut release, Crossy Road, the team followed it up by creating the spectacular Pac-Man 256 for Bandai Namco. Now they’re returning to their first love — and they’re bringing the entire Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with them.

On the stage at GDC this week, Disney announced a new collaboration with the popular Australian indie studio. Disney Crossy Road will feature more than 100 characters from beloved Disney canon as they try (and inevitably fail) to cross the road safely. There’s no confirmation on which characters will make an appearance, but considering Mickey is in the trailer released today (and Donald is in the teaser below), it seems safe to assume the Mickey’s inner circle will be present.

Disney are also promising nine different environments to explore from “Disney and Pixar-themed worlds.” Here’s to hoping that means we can unlock the floating house from UP and just float over the traffic.

More characters in the Crossy Road universe are always a good thing, and we love a good spin-off like this. That said, the shadow of Tiny Death Star’s early retirement looms over us all. For the sakes of developer and gamer alike, let’s hope that the company doesn’t eventually pull another great indie developed spin-off from the market before its time.

There’s no word on a Disney Crossy Road release date yet, but considering this is built on the back of an existing product, I can’t imagine the development time would be too massive here. Whenever it arrives, Disney Crossy Road will be available for download on both the App Store and Google Play.