It’s a strange week on the App Store. Retro City Rampage DX makes its debut even though we hadn’t heard a peep about a mobile port. The makers of the brutally challenging Titan Souls have made a paint-based mobile puzzler. And for some reason, an Android needs to pass a citizenship test.

It’s a weird week to be sure — but it also has the potential to be a really fun one.

Retro City Rampage DX

retro city rampage dx

A massive indie hit on just about every platform you can imagine, Retro City Rampage makes its suprise debut on mobile this week. If you haven’t played a previous incarnation, get ready for a fantastic trip down memory lane. While it looks (and plays) like a Grand Theft Auto game that might have appeared on the NES, you’ll find clever nods and gameplay homages to just about every great game from that era.



If you’re a desktop or console gamer, there’s a very good chance you’re familiar with the blisteringly difficult Titan Souls. Its creators have decided to take a step in a completely different direction, bringing a paint-heavy puzzler to the App Store.

Dream Machine: The Game

dream machine

It looks like Monument Valley, and we expect it plays like Monument Valley. But if the biggest gripe to be said about Dream Machine is “it’s more of what you already love,” it would be a poor choice to leave off of this week’s roundup.

Pilots of the Dawn

pilots of the dawn

Vlambeer is a legend among indie gamemakers, but with the exception of Super Crate Box and Ridiculous Fishing, few of their games have made it to the App Store. Depending on how you view that situation, the arrival of the heavily-influenced-by-Luftrausers (but not developed by Vlambeer) Pilots of the Dawn will be reason for celebration (or derision).

Legacy Quest

legacy quest

Nexon had a strong 2015 with games like DomiNations and Mabinogi Duel — and if Legacy Quest is as good as we’re hoping, 2016 should be off to a great start.  This time around they’re offering a voxel-style take on dungeon crawlers.

Dungeon Monsters RPG

dungeon masters

Free-to-play RPGs are all the rage on the App Store — but how many of them feel like a 1980’s desktop dungeon crawl?

Able Black

able black

A unique text-heavy adventure mixed with puzzles, Able Black is a non-traditional gamebook about an Android who needs to pass their citizenship exam if they want to continue operating.

Handbrake Valet

handbrake valet

Street parking is nightmarish at the best of times — but do you think you could do it if you needed to spin into a spot using only your handbrake? And the movies make it look so easy.

Barrier X

barrier x

Fans of speedy mobile twitch games, Barrier X is your free download of the week. Avoid barriers, speed up, repeat.



Constellations have fascinated humans since the start of the species. Despite this, games about this stellar phenomenon are few and far between. Dirac remedies this oversight by giving players a chance to make their own in this game of puzzle line connections.