What this week lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality. Supercell’s Clash Royale — which seems a likely candidate for “biggest mobile game of 2016” — is now available worldwide. The long-awaited third iteration of Train Conductor is here too. And so is a platformer about socks.

Read the list below, then play the list below:

Clash Royale

clash royale

This is it, folks. This is the mobile game that’s going to soak up the next few hundred hours of your life. Build a team, take it into battle, and squash live opponents in tiny one-screen battles. The first official spin-off in the Clash of Clans franchise, and a fantastic little multiplayer experience that no one should miss. (Get some early tips here!)

Train Conductor World: European Railway

train conductor world

It’s been a long time coming (heck, we first wrote about it in October 2014), but what was once called Train Conductor 3 (and is now called Train Conductor World) has finally pulled into the station. Keep your railroad running smoothly by switching tracks for oncoming trains. Fail and everybody’s dead. NO PRESSURE.

Peter Panic

peter panic

A musical mobile game (and we literally mean a musical) with a mini-game flavor, Peter Panic is Adult Swim Games’ attempt to recreate the fun and frivolity of microgame collections like WarioWare. Is it something worth singing about?

Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers

lost socks: naughty brothers

The App Store is full of platformers — but platformers of that mid-90’s run’n’gun variety are few and far between. Lost Socks tries to rectify this oversight with a game about finding your missing sock. (SPOILER: they’re always in this part of the washer).

Lost Tracks

lost tracks

A bit of a surprise on the App Store this morning, Lost Tracks describes itself as a “poetic art/adventure game” and looks a little like it might sit nicely next to Kentucky Route Zero on a shelf. Lost Tracks is a story of self-doubt, love, and a journey through the subconscious.

Road to Be King

road to be king

Noodlecake’s latest is a game of avoidance and ascendance. Players will dodge obstacles and fight their way to the throne, accessing upgrades and weapons along the way. Also, the hero is adorable as all get-out.