Few anime projects over the last few years have left me quite as shaken as Attack on Titan. The first episode alone is enough to leave you uneasy. And starting later this year, thanks to GameSamba (and NGames Interactive), I’ll get to carry that feeling of unease with me wherever I go in the upcoming Attack on Titan mobile game.

Like the show, the Attack on Titan mobile game will see players battling gigantic titans that act as like godless forces of nature. The developers are promising a mix of runner and action gameplay, which makes me wonder if it might play a little like Hi-Rez Studios Jetpack Fighter (and if so, it would be a pretty stellar fit for the brand).

Attack on Titan started as a manga, became a hit anime in the West, and has a live-action film on the way — so I suppose it’s not too surprising to see them tackle a mobile game too. GameSamba have previously announced plans to release mobile games based on two other popular anime productions: Fairy Tail and Tokyo Ghoul.

Expect all three titles to hit the App Store and Google Play before the end of 2016.