Man oh man, do I like a mysterious announcement. Snowman, the Toronto-based team behind Alto’s Adventure, have just revealed their next project: Where Cards Fall. Only… that’s the only thing we know about it!

Ok, ok, there are a couple of other details worth mentioning. It’s definitely a game (hooray!) and it’s a collaboration with The Game Band that started as a school project four years ago at USC.

There are also some more loose details thanks to an interview between The Game Band’s Sam Rosenthal and The Verge’s Andrew Webster:

There’s no confirmation of which platforms they’re targeting, but considering the success of Alto’s Adventure, we’re hopeful Where Cards Fall will be coming to mobile. If it’s not, this may be the only time you hear about it on Gamezebo (though that shouldn’t stop you from checking it out!)

Snowman are promising more details in the coming months. Be sure to keep an eye on their blog to watch this one as it develops.