If you’re an armchair Kennedy or Khrushchev, the struggle is real — and it’s about to get a whole lot realer. Playdek’s digital adaptation of Twilight Struggle, the epic 2-player Cold War tabletop simulation, finally has a release date in sight.

In speaking with Playdek, Pocket Tactics has learned that the desktop version will be available sometime this month, and the iPad version is set to follow in April. There was no mention of the Android version, but considering it was part of their Kickstarter promise, you’ve got to assume it can’t be too far behind.

Twilight Struggle iPad

Image from the desktop beta of Twilight Struggle

Pocket Tactics has also confirmed that AI may not be ready for the launch build, so those of you hoping to enjoy Twilight Struggle without finding a friend whose willing to pretend to be a Cold War-era for five hours may still be out of the question.

While the lack of launch day AI is disappointing, being able to get Twilight Struggle for (we assume) a fraction of the tabletop price should be reason enough to grab this one. And the best part? Since it’s digital you won’t even have to wait in line — which is great, because if you did it might look like the scene outside of a Moscow McDonald’s.

[via Pocket Tactics]