I know what you’re thinking, but try to get over the name. Eat Poop You Cat has nothing to do with, eating, poops, or cats. But it does have something to do with you. Specifically, your free time. Eat Poop You Cat is an upcoming mobile game with a great party flavor that has players drawing, writing and guessing.

“Inspired by the parlour games of the French Surrealist moment,” according to the game’s Kickstarter page, Eat Poop You Cat found its origins in a party game where players would write something absurd on a piece of paper, pass it to the player on their right who would attempt to draw what was described, hide the original phrase, and pass it to the player on their right to guess what the phrase was. That guess gets passed to the right to be drawn, and play continues like this with no real winner to speak of — just a lot of silly fun.

I’m genuinely excited at the idea of trying this with pen and paper at the next game night I attend.

The mobile version (that’s why we’re here) will let you pick some Facebook friends to play with, write and draw in the app, and have your creation sent to another player to continue the  chain. And because digital adaptations frown on concepts like “play until you don’t want to,” Eat Poop You Cat will end after 10 rounds.


The catch? The developer knows the limitations of his skillset, and needs to outsource some of the work to get the game made. He’s priced it out and set up a Kickstarter to raise the funds. Every dollar helps, so if you want to play Eat Poop You Cat as much as I do, be sure to visit their Kickstarter and kick in a few bucks to support its development.