Slide the Shakes is a physics / arcade-style game from Prettygreat. In this game, you slide a series of delicious milkshakes across a countertop until they reach a designated safe zone. There are a lot of traps and obstacles in your way, however. Gamezebo’s Slide the Shakes tips, cheats and strategies will help you become the number-one soda jerk in town.

Learn your colors

When you pull back on a shake, you should notice how the color changes on its “power meter.” Dark blue means the drink will scoot forward ever-so-slightly when released. Sky blue means it gets a bit more of a push. Green indicates medium power. And so on until you reach the ever-powerful red.


One of the keys to succeeding in Slide the Shakes is getting a feel for its physics, and the power meter’s colors can help you do exactly that. If a dark-blue push doesn’t get you where you need to go, work up to a light-blue push.

Don’t worry too much about tipping the shakes

If a shake tips over, you won’t be allowed to advance even if you landed in a green zone. Don’t fret too much about tip-overs, though. The shakes are pretty bottom-heavy and usually right themselves. Also, it doesn’t matter if a shake’s contents slop over the edge of the glass. As long as said glass hits the green intact and erect, that’s all that matters.

Under-doing it is better than over-doing it

If you break a glass, you’re sent back to the start of the group of levels you’re working on. For that reason, try nudging your way through a level instead of going at every jump full-power. If you fail to hit a green zone but your glass remains intact, you get to try that portion again instead of starting all over.


Practice hard jumps when you re-start a level

Jumps tend to get further and further out as a level progresses. If you know a level contains a far, difficult jump, practice it when you start the level, even though the green zone isn’t located there. That way, you can get the pattern of your movements down before trying the real thing.

Goo in the way? Pull extra hard

Pink goo seriously slows you down. Don’t be shy about going up at least one color level in your power meter to clear the hazard.

Climbing uphill? Pull extra hard


In the same vein, having to move your glass uphill takes some muscle. Make sure to put a bit of extra oomph into your slide when you need to move uphill — though going up generally doesn’t sap as much momentum as moving through goo.

Ice gives you a great deal of momentum

In the flip-side, ice barely slows you down at all. Move very gently on the slippery stuff until you get a feel for exactly how much pressure you need.