Overclock FPS is a first-person shooter developed exclusively for mobile, and while it’s got an adorable, fluffy cast of characters, it’s still hardcore. Stay on top of your game with Gamezebo’s Overclock FPS Tips, Cheats and Strategies to help you conquer the competition, no matter who you find yourself facing off against.

Take the time to outfit your character accordingly


You’ve got plenty of options to outfit your character, from Will to Astoria. Using the big blue Equip button on the main play screen, you can change out abilities, weapons, and more to make sure you’re fully outfitted with the best equipment you’ve pieced together in the game so far. While you’re playing as established characters already, this is still good advice, especially since real players are going to be a lot more difficult to work with than the tutorial partners you’ll be matched with in the first place.

Get to know your characters personally


Maybe not personally. You don’t have to befriend them or anything in Overclock FPS, but learn their abilities and specialties so you’re not wandering around in a haze each match trying to figure out what you’re able or unable to do. Some of the abilities out there won’t be immediately evident to you, so make sure you check over the loadout screen to get an idea of what’s coming. Some characters have better defensive abilities, while others are better with offensive abilities. It’s up to you to figure out which ones work better for you, but you won’t know this if you stay willfully uneducated!

Don’t stop moving


Your enemies are going to try to get at you from every angle. Being that there’s not much going on in the game other than straight-up deathmatches for you to engage in, everyone’s going to be running straight for you and trying to get out of your way, too. Don’t be a sitting duck. This is more of a general FPS tip than it is specific to Overclock FPS, but just make sure you’re strafing, not remaining an easy target. That’s the fast ticket to being taken out and having to respawn. And no self-respecting FPS fan wants to get caught in the die, respawn, die again loop.

Make sure you’re nabbing all the freebies


In any free-to-play game there are generally some free items you can pick up if keep logging in on a daily basis. In the case of Overclock FPS, you’re granted a special regular loot chest for the low, low price of free every day. If you don’t want to pay real money for the premium chest, just wait two days to open one. The game rewards you for continually logging in, so just keep biding your time and eventually you can nab some useful rewards in this manner. There are other ways to pick up free items as well if you look at the top right of the “chest” icon on the main menu, too. You can watch videos for free premium currency, invite friends to earn additional gems, and complete other quick offers in order to roll in that sweet, sweet free dough.