There is something infinitely amusing to me about driving a car with no brakes. It was a crazy challenge in No Brakes Valet, a brief obsession in No Brakes, and — starting this Tuesday — it becomes a wacky endless runner in Faily Brakes by Spunge Games.

Judging from an early look, Faily Brakes almost feels like a high-speed, non-stop version of Crossy Road. Players will hurtle down a mountain side, dealing with obstacles that pop up in the same direction they’re heading — but then they’re faced with traffic moving perpendicular to their path.

fairly brakes

Whether its a freeway or a railway, players will need to make some quick moves to squeeze through if they don’t want to thrown from their crumpled automobile. If they do though, there are at least some silly ragdoll animations to go along with it.

If you’re interested in the crashy goodness that Faily Brakes is promising, you won’t have long to wait. Faily Brakes will be available on the App Store this Thursday, February 25th, and can be downloaded for free.