Living in Canada can be a strange experience when you’re a mobile games journalist. More often than not, this means stumbling across soft-launched titles that have yet to be announced. In the case of two upcoming releases from King, however, it means seeing Facebook ads for games that aren’t even on the Canadian App Store yet.

I’ve been bombarded by ads lately for both Farm Heroes Super Saga and Pet Rescue Patrol Saga, neither of which I can access to play right now. I suppose this isn’t terribly surprising; Farm Heroes Saga and Pet Rescue Saga have performed quite well for King, never really dipping out of the Top 100 grossing games on the App Store. Outside of Candy Crush, these could very well be the company’s top two franchises right now. And with Candy Crush’s sequels doing so well, I suppose trying to sequelize their other match-3 games just makes sense.

What’s different? Without going hands-on, we can’t really say for sure. What little we’ve seen on Facebook suggests that Farm Heroes Super Saga will let you make “super” cropsies, and will pit you against a raccoon named Rancid.

farm heroes super saga

Pet Rescue Patrol Saga offers up even less info, though the promise of “boosters” does look pretty fun.

pet rescue patrol

Farm Heroes Super Saga seems to be live on the App Store in the Netherlands and Australia, but Pet Rescue Patrol Saga doesn’t seem to be available anywhere at the time of this writing. If you’re a fan of either of the originals, you’ll want to keep an eye out for their sequels. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that both go worldwide on the App Store and Google Play soon.