I have a friend — let’s call her “Jennifer” — who sends me some pretty horrible texts from time to time. These texts aren’t mistakenly terrible, mind you. She does this on purpose. She’ll send me a string of emojis, and then expect me to decipher their meaning.

She has a pretty mean sense of humor.


Cinemoji is a game that seems born of her little hobby, though with much friendlier messages. Launching on Thursday, February 25th, Cinemoji is a multiplayer game that tasks players with describing a movie, video game, or television show title with emojis, and then sending it to a friend to decipher. Think of it as a cross between Draw Something and charades, but with more little poops and smiling faces.

For those who remember the way back days when Freeverse ruled the mobile gaming roost, Cinemoji’s creator was Bruce Morrison, a senior iPhone producer at the company responsible for such hits as Flick Fishing and Warpgate. That gives us some pretty high hopes for this one.

If you’re one of those crazy kids who loves to text, Cinemoji will be available as a free download (with no in-app purchases) on February 25th.