Old RPGs, new twitch-based challenges, platformers, board games, and a whole lot of tongue; this week has something for just about every kind of gamer.

We don’t normally call out a single release in our weekly roundup as a must-have, but we implore you to check out Tomb of the Mask. It’s frantic, unique, fast-paced fun (and I’ve only stopped playing it this morning because I had to write these words you’re reading now). BONUS: It’s also the only free game in our roundup today.

Final Fantasy IX


A port of the final Final Fantasy to appear on the original PlayStation, the early word from our review crew has been incredibly positive. Not only is it the same great game you know and love, but SquareEnix seem to have learned from the mistakes they made with their Final Fantasy VII port.

Tomb of the Mask

tomb of the mask

Ready for something super unique? Tomb of the Mask is a game about collecting coins by directing a hero to swiftly move as far as they can in the direction you choose. The catch, though, is that the levels are intricately laid out with death at every corner — and there’s a “lava is chasing you!” twist that means you can’t dilly-dally for a moment.

Shadow Blade: Reload

shadow blade reload

When it launched in early 2014, Shadow Blade was one of the coolest platformers on the App Store. Two years later it’s returned in an enhanced version, with plenty of new levels, enemies and bosses.

Forbidden Desert

forbidden desert

One of the coolest co-op board games of the last few years (and a sequel to the sublime Forbidden Island) makes it way to the App Store. Play with up to five players on the same device, or control every character yourself. Either way, the whole team will have to work together if you want to escape the desert and survive!

Tennis Club Story

tennis club story

Kairosoft has had plenty of interesting simulations over the years, but none have tried to mix in arcade-style play before now. Manage a top tennis player by making great choices, and then settle in for some mini-game action that puts you behind the net.

Ys Chronicles II

Ys Chronicles II

DotEmu’s port of Ys Books I & II got its second half this week. If you’re a fan of old school action-RPGs and haven’t played Ys before, you can get a remastered version of the full classic now on the App Store. (Just make sure to buy both parts!)

Smooth Operator

smooth operator

Smooth Operator is, quite literally, a tongue twister. Cozy up on the couch with your partner (or creep out your friends) with this co-operative game of making out and pulling off combos.



Remember the splendid Tilt to Live? Imagine that, but combined with a little target practice. Abzorb is all about tilting your device to collect blue orbs while avoiding red ones.