Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and love is in the air. Specifically, a love for classic role-playing games. If you find yourself smitten by JRPGs, you’ll be pleased as punch about this week’s downloads.

And if not? At least there’ll be one release about licking other people’s tongues with your own.

Clicker Pirates

Idle clicker games are a hit-or-miss proposition most of the time, but if the gameplay is anything like this trailer, we’re expecting Clicker Pirates to be a very big hit. Players will gather a crew and do battle on the high seas as they seek out booty and plunder.

Final Fantasy IX

final fantasy ix iphone ipad

Every week, there’s at least one big release that breaks with tradition and hits the App Store a few days early. This week it was Final Fantasy IX. Originally released on the PlayStation in 2000, FFIX hit the App Store yesterday complete in all its RPG glory. At this point, the only pre-PS2 FF that Square Enix is missing on mobile is Final Fantasy VIII. Get on it, Squeenix. We miss Squall.

Ys Chronicles II

If Final Fantasy isn’t quite your classic RPG style, maybe Ys Chronicles is more up your alley. A remake of Ys Book 2, the transition is being handled by DotEmu (the kings of old school on mobile). If you’ve already played Ys Chronicles I, it’s time to wrap up the story.

Smooth Operator

Valentine’s Day is a time for love, and we all know what that means: tongue-wrestling. Smooth Operator is an utterly bizarre little game for two players on the same device. If you’re on a blind date this weekend and need to break the tension / send them screaming in the opposite direction, Smooth Operator might just be weirdly wonderful enough to fit the bill.