Actually, it might not be completely accurate that Card Thief, the game that Tinytouchtales is working on right now, wants to steal your heart. It would probably be just as content with some room in the internal memory of your mobile device, a small portion of your time, and a few of your dollars.

The thievery theme still stands, though, since Card Thief is a card game that will ask players to sneak across a grid of cards, grab a chest, and escape through an exit. Each card on the grid represents something different, whether it’s a guard or other enemy, equipment that can be used by your thief, a door (which could be locked or unlocked) or gold that must be collected before the chest is finally revealed.

card thief

Fighting isn’t an option, so stealth is the name of the game. The gameplay mechanics look intriguing, and the developers even have a nifty Tumblr set up where you can follow their thoughts as they make and implement design changes. Plus you just have to fall in love with their modesty, as one of the more recent entries says, “For the first time we feel the game will be actually quite decent!”

Considering the goodwill that Tinytouchtales’ previous game Card Crawl racked up, “quite decent” might be setting the bar a little too low for this one. Follow that Tumblr or the Tinytouchtales Twitter feed to keep tabs on this one as it continues to take shape.