Like most gamers, I’m quick to get into a conversation about the best video games of all time. Frequently I find myself making a case for Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. Years ahead of its time, Punch-Out provided all of the fun of boss fights without any of that pesky busy work in-between. It was a 2D Shadow of the Colossus. So when a game developer invokes the words “Punch-Out” in a pitch to Gamezebo, you’d better believe my ears perk up.

Sword of Gary 6000 was one such pitch.

sword of gary 6000

Now on Kickstarter, Sword of Gary 6000 is a send-up of The Last Starfighter, with an alien race confusing a powerful game character with the 30-something schlub who is playing him. Players will do battle on an alien planet, swiping in six directions to attack and defend, all while watching for the Punch-Out-style telltale twitches of their enemies.

Also, the game looks hilarious.

The team behind it are no slouches, either. You may not know the name Big Beaver Hat, but the people who’ve assembled under this banner have worked on everything from Star Wars: The Old Republic to Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor.

Thus far, Sword of Gary 6000 hasn’t exactly been burning up the Kickstarter charts. The game looks great though, so you should try and change that. Learn more, and consider backing, on the Sword of Gary 6000 Kickstarter page.