We’re not gonna lie: last week was huge. Crashlands has sucked up all of our free time (and, I’m assuming, all of yours), and is even rocking an impossible high 99 on Metacritic.

Should you need a little breather before your next Crashlands session, some of tonight’s new releases should help you come up for air.


Announced back in the Summer of 2014, Pridefest is first game from Atari (and possibly the first from a major publisher) to celebrate the LGBTQ community. Players will design their own Pride parades and revitalize a drab city to bring happiness back to town. Even better, there’s no need to wait until tonight: Pridefest is available for download as of right now.

Monster Roller

The latest game from Boomzap (who wowed up last year with Super Awesome Quest), Monster Roller combines two of your favorite things: monster collecting and slot machines.

Circa Infinity

Platforming as mind-bending art, Circa Infinity is a game about running in circles (that are inside of other circles). Initially released on Steam, Circa Infinity has seen praise from a number of industry notables, from Destructoid to PewDiePie.

Anime Studio Story

anime studio story

Kairosoft were once the hottest name in simulation games on the App Store. Over the years they’ve had both hits and misses, though, so it’s interesting to see a release that harkens back to their first game. Anime Story looks suspiciously like a rethinking of Game Dev Story, and if so, it should offer more than enough of a hook to keep players glued to their screens. Android gamers have had this one for awhile now, but as of this morning, it’s available on iOS too.