If you want to travel the world but don’t have the time or money to jet set between continents, Crossy Road is basically the next best thing. In the past year, developer Hipster Whale have sent us alongside its road-hopping mascot to Korea, the UK, Ireland, and Australia, with even a brief African safari thrown in. Now, it’s South America’s turn as the destination hotseat, as this week’s Crossy Road update takes us to a beautifully voxelated Brazil.


As has become the norm with Crossy Road’s country-themed additions, this week’s update gives us a new setting and set of characters to run within it. All 13 new mascots run on a Brazil-themed map, which seems to be inspired by bustling Rio de Janeiro in honor of the upcoming Summer Olympics. The world is filled with colorful, towering skyscrapers stationed along sandy beaches and mosaic sidewalks. Trucks with speakers playing music occasionally drive by, and large electrical poles sprout alongside trees. It’s a gorgeous mix of urban and tropical, with the greatest variety and detail of any Crossy Road world yet.


The newly added characters are an equally diverse bunch, ranging from the soccer star Brazil Chicken to the acrobatic Capoeira to the capybara-eating Jaguar. The update celebrates Brazilian culture with a beautifully decadent Flag Bearer and festive Carnaval dancer, while acknowledging its worldly appeal with a pasty Tourist and his ever-present Coconut Water. There should be a mascot favorite for everyone, whether you prefer silent critters (Marmoset) or mid-run diversions (try to kick soccer balls into the goals with the Football Player).

The Brazil update is available now on iOS, and Brazil Chicken is free for a limited time—score!