Look sharp, Five Nights at Freddy’s fans. There’s a new trailer for FNAF World, the (seemingly) cutesy RPG starring Freddy Fazbear and all his pals. The second trailer is similar to the first one, though the former shows off a lot more of the title’s gameplay and battle system.

If you like what you see, you may want to clear your immediate schedule. Earlier this week, developer Scott Cawthon hinted that the game will drop soon. This weekend, in fact.

This is, of course, the least surprising surprise for fans of FNAF. Scott is notoriously bad at sticking to his promised dates, often releasing games months before proposed deadlines. FNAF World, for instance, was initially supposed to go live on February 19.

Either way, the game is scheduled to hit PC first. A mobile release should follow in the coming days.

We may as well endure Scott Cawthon’s timing quirks, as he’s hinted FNAF World will be the last game to star his now-famous troupe of animatronics. Of course, what Scott says and does are usually two different things. Which is OK, because it’ll be hard to say goodbye to Foxy for good.