If you’re a fan of simulations, 80’s quality storytelling, and hitting things, Punch Club has been your jam since its debut on iOS last Thursday. Now, only days after entering the ring, the developers are throwing a one-two punch of announcements your way: a huge content update is coming at the end of February that will expand the game’s storyline, and Punch Club will make its Android debut on January 28th.

It has also been confirmed that the iOS version will be updated soon to reflect the balancing that can be found in the PC build of Punch Club.

Publisher tinyBuild Games had some other Punch Club announcements to throw our way, too. With only 10 days since its debut on Steam, the game has already surpassed $1 million in revenue across both iOS and Steam, and has been installed more than 100,000 times. Something tells me their little Twitch stunt proved beneficial. Don’t be surprised when more games pull the same shenanigans, leaving the release date up to the masses via a massive livestreamed playthrough.