It’s likely that anyone reading this has worked at a job they hated at some point in their life. Perhaps it was having a sniveling boss who squished your spirit with their insincere smile. Perhaps it was menial monotony far below your capabilities. Regardless of why you hated your job, it’s also likely you harbored fantasies of quitting in a blaze of glory and setting off to do that thing you actually love. Well, “achievement unlocked” for developer Tom Sennett who hated his job, quit and made a game about it.

Hate Your Job is a platformer where you guide our hero Dom through his last week of work in an office high-rise. Dom must persevere against the evil forces of endless paperwork, attacking office supplies, and those coworkers you really want to avoid but somehow always run into at the coffee machine.


Each level is a day in your workweek, and success is making your way up to the top of the office building. But your hard work isn’t for some top-floor corner office. On the contrary, once you reach the top of the building, you hurl yourself into a corporate abyss, only to black out and start over again the next day.

With a relatable storyline and a dark comedy tone, Hate Your Job may be just the therapeutic distraction you need to get through those endless PowerPoint presentations. Check it out for free when it’s released next week on iOS and Android.