A chunky new update for Knights of Pen & Paper 2 has just been released, and it’s rather special.

Titled Here Be Dragons, it offers up an epic-level story focused on tracking down and (of course) slaying some dragons. Sounds fun, right? It’s for high level players so I hope you’ve got some hefty adventurers backing you up.

Besides that, there’s a new player type to check out, as well as a new class. Yes, you can finally be an actual Knight in the game. We assume future updates will allow you to be an anthropomorphic pen. At least that’s what we’re hoping. Oh, and there’s a new in-game bestiary, some new monsters to fight it out with, and loot. There’s a fair amount of new content to check out, and should keep most players pretty happy for a while to come.

It’s all available now via an in-app purchase.