Pixel Starships is a fairly light space sim (of a sort) from Savy Soda. It’s sort of like FTL, but with freemium type stuff – and that’s okay. Gamezebo’s Pixel Starships tips, cheats and strategies will (hopefully) keep you and your crew from dying in the vacuum of space. Very often.

Batten Down the Hatches


  • Build and upgrade resource storage as soon as you’re able. Completing missions, winning PvP battles, and general gathering will earn a decent amount of Minerals and eventually Gas. If you don’t have room for it you won’t be able to use it, so make sure you’re prepared!
  • Increasing space for crew is also really important. More crew means more people who can repair your rooms during a battle.
  • Reactors are life. You can’t run shields or weapons without power, and you can’t have power without a reactor. This becomes especially important when you start upgrading that stuff as more powerful gear requires more power.
  • Fill empty 1-tile spaces with armor. If you’re not using the space for anything, you might as well use it for something that will make adjacent rooms a little harder to destroy.


  • If you really need room for new facilities, consider removing your lifts. It will help you be able to fit more stuff into your ship, but know that it’ll also make it more difficult for your crew to move around the ship during combat.
  • On a similar note, your crew can simply walk to any rooms that are next to each other (i.e. horizontally adjacent). So if you don’t want to use lifts then try to put important rooms side-by-side.
  • You can temporarily remove rooms in order to rearrange your ship. Just tap on a room and then tap “Remove” to put it in tray at the bottom of the screen. Then you’re free to do your thing. Just remember to put it back in the ship when you’re done!
  • Starbux can be spent to speed up construction, but you’re probably better off spending them to refill your Minerals and Gas deposits since it’s a lot cheaper (in the early game, anyway). And since you can have an unlimited number of build projects going all at once it’s easy to fill the tanks and then kick off a lot of stuff all at once.

Blow Stuff Up


  • Put crew in essential rooms. They’ll automatically start repairing the rooms they’re in, thus keeping things running longer – so long as they survive, of course.
  • The more power you divert to a given system, the faster it’ll refresh. This means that weapons can fire more often, shields can recharge faster, and so on. You can adjust power by tapping, holding, then dragging on a system’s icon while in combat (down to reduce power, up to increase).
  • Put at least one crew member in the reactor, or make sure they’re within walking distance. Keeping the reactor (or reactors) running is essential. If you lose power then nothing will work.


  • Targeting your enemy’s reactor is usually the way to go. If you’re able to cut off all their power they’ll be totally helpless, then you can just mop up at your leisure.
  • Install some shields as soon as you’re able – they can make a big difference in a fight. Just make sure you can power them!
  • If a given mission is giving you trouble (green “story” missions, explorations, etc), try PvP. You can usually get a decent amount of resources, and any combat they can walk away from will net your crew experience they can collect to level-up.


  • When trying to gauge another player’s toughness in PvP, look at what it says next to the trophy icon – Even, Lower, Higher. You can also get a general idea of how many resources they have based on what it shows next to the Minerals and Gas icons (Barren, Wealth).
  • More guns means more attacks. Granted you need to keep them powered but being able to attack in volleys can really help to break through enemy shields.

What You Should Have Learned at the Academy


  • Keep an eye out for the Starbux that will randomly float by while you’re on the main screen, and tap to collect them.
  • Make sure you collect your achievement rewards. You can check them by tapping on the trophy icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • You can fire unwanted crew by dragging them out into space. Just make sure you want to get rid of them first.


  • Any extra crew or ship components you buy or earn can be safely stored if you don’t want to use them or can’t. Pulling up the tray from the bottom of the screen will allow you to place them later.
  • It’s possible to have more stuff for your ship than you have physical space for. Consider swapping out resource collectors for combat equipment when you go pick a fight, then switching back once you’re finished.