Got any resolutions penned for 2016? Thinking of getting into shape? Getting a better job? Finding true love?

Well, good luck. Especially with that last one. But if Cupid fails to kindle the fires of passion for you on Valentine’s Day, maybe Beardo Games can offer you a substitute with its upcoming kissing game, Smooth Operator.

Smooth Operator is built on the foundation of Second Base, another kissing game built during a Ludum Dare game jam event. You and a good friend squeeze in over a single device, choose your wet-kissing warrior, and control a session of tonsil hockey via a series of memory games. Your performance and “compatibility” are then rated.


It’s all very weird and awkward, a fact Beardo Games acknowledges and revels in. But has the art of DNA-swapping ever been anything but awkward? Sure, your mom’s pirate novels makes it all sound like swashbuckling good times, but let’s not fool ourselves.

Smooth Operator is coming to iOS on February 11 2016, and an Android release will soon follow. Take a look at the game’s official website for more close-ups of sloppy stuff.