Electronic Arts recently soft-launched Bejeweled Skies in the Canadian iOS App Store. The game begins when Felis the Cat and Carvus the Crow stir up some trouble and end up knocking all the stars out of the sky. It’s up to players to get those stars back up in the sky, and revert Felis and Carvus’s mistake.

The way players earn back those stars is by, you guessed it, completing levels featuring Bejweled’s iconic match-3 gameplay. While it is hardly an original concept, I appreciate that Electronic Arts went the extra mile and actually gave us a reason as to why we are trying to earn stars.

Bejeweled Skies

As players earn stars they gradually fill out a constellation. By completing a constellation, Bejeweled Skies promised me some sort of reward, so I have that to look forward to as I make my way through the game, three-starring each level because I’m a perfectionist.

The game’s App Store page lists things like movable clouds, floating butterflies, and currents, elements that I didn’t run into during my brief time with the game — but will no doubt be gradually introduced as I play.

Keep an eye out for Bejeweled Skies to go worldwide in the future. Canadians can download it now, for free, from the App Store.