We here at Gamezebo know how important games are to our culture. Well beyond pop stars and blockbuster tie-ins, games can teach us about green technology, centuries-old art forms, and of course, math. In the spirit of these instructive games, Little Traders, which comes out next month, promises to teach us about stock markets as we learn to invest and trade through gameplay.

little traders

Set in the roaring 1920s, Little Traders incorporates Gatsby-style pixel art with tower-building, along with realistic stock prices for trading. A cute cast of diminutive characters with their own little motivating stories bring life to this jazzy world. Players are asked to trade based on news delivered by the paper boy, invest clients’ inheritance money, diversify their portfolios and build a successful Wall Street empire. Unlock new floors to your pixel-deco building, buy fancy furniture and hire more enthusiastic traders to help you master the market.

Little Traders has already won some awards in the FinTech space and the developers are enthusiastic about the game as an educational experience. With only 57% of Americans scoring a passing grade on a test of financial literacy, it seems creative and entertaining ways to learn about money are more necessary than ever. So while the fat cats play the real stock markets, the rest of us can play Little Traders with a lot less risk and a lot more charm. Look for Little Traders coming in January to iOS.