Cut the Rope: Magic is a physics / puzzle game from ZeptoLab. In this game, you help the little monster Om Nom grab his beloved candy by cutting ropes and letting physics do its work. Gamezebo’s Cut the Rope: Magic tips, cheats and strategies will help you stuff your face.

There is no single correct solution to each level

Like all Cut the Rope games, Cut the Rope: Magic mixes action, physics, puzzles, and a touch of luck. In other words, Chaos Theory applies here, to a certain degree: A strategy you utilize the first time that nets you all three stars and delivers the candy safely to Om Nom won’t necessarily work a second time.


Luckily, ZeptoLab has accounted for this. There is no single way to solve each stage of Cut the Rope: Magic, and there’s usually more than one way to nab each star in the stages as well. Don’t be afraid to experiment. If one strategy isn’t netting you an “Almost!”, move on and try another.

Restart as many times as you need

In that vein, every time you enter a new stage, poke around a few times before you settle into finding a solution. Get a feel for how the candy reacts when you cut the ropes holding it in place, as well as for how certain tricks and traps (e.g. bubbles) react with the other items on-screen.

You can restart a level as many times as you need, and there’s no delay when you do so.

Get a handle on how your magical transformations work

Animal transformations are the hook in Cut the Rope: Magic. Not all stages require Om Nom to transform in order to let him snatch up the candy, but you almost invariably need to use transformations in order to net all three stars in most levels.


When you’re analyzing a stage, think about how Om Nom’s transformation powers might help you out in that particular instance — and learn the full capabilities of the transformations. Baby Om Nom is lightweight, meaning he can fit into small crevices and float in bubbles. Mouse Om Nom makes a beeline for the candy on each stage in a “carrot-on-a-stick” fashion. This power can be used to push boxes, etc, around.

Use the wizard’s anti-gravity powers against him

Every so often, Om Nom comes up against a candy-stealing wizard who’s a big jerk. He uses his gravity-based powers to draw the candy towards him in hopes of snatching it up before Om Nom can get it.


However, you can often turn his powers against him. Level 2 – 9 is a prime opportunity in which to do so: Though you have to cut the candy free in order to deliver it to Om Nom, the wizard’s powers will keep it from plunging into the pit below — provided your timing is right.

Frustrated? Go backwards

You can’t skip levels in Cut the Rope: Magic, but you can unlock new worlds if you have enough stars. If you find yourself stuck and frustrated, try going back to previous levels in which you haven’t yet nabbed all three stars. It’s amazing how a little break can clear up your perspective.

Also, mopping up stars in this manner can net you enough to let you unlock a new world and give yourself a little break.