Rayman Adventures launched on December 3rd, and has already placed in the App Store’s ‘Best of 2015’.

It carries on from the excellent Jungle Run and Fiesta Run, except there’s more to explore this time thanks to a new mechanic that lets you swipe to change direction.


Other than that, you’ll be running through a load of awe-inspiring UbiArt levels, punching enemies, picking up Lums, and saving Teensies as before.

The reason? Rayman and his Viking friend Barbara have to save the enchanted forest, after the ancient eggs which keep the sacred tree safe are stolen.

These eggs contain a terrific new ally for Rayman – the Incrediballs. They’re weird to look at but have useful abilities that help Rayman get the highest score – and the most rewards – in every level.

SC_3_Olympus_Rayman (1)

They’re available in three different types. Seekers look for hidden items, Protectors punch enemies that try to hurt you, and Inhalers suck in all nearby Lums.

Up to three Incrediballs can join you in a level, with the might of their abilities growing when you bring more than one of the same type.

For example, bring three Inhalers and they’ll suck in much more Lums than just one.


Collecting Incrediballs is your main purpose in Rayman Adventures, as they help to grow your sacred tree. It’s minigame all of its own as you try to outgrow your friends’ trees.

There are four different levels of rarity for Incrediballs: bronze, silver, gold, and crystal. This affects the amount the tree grows when you collect one.

You can check your sacred tree’s progress whenever you like – as well as your collection of Incrediballs. They live in it, you see, and you can play, feed, and create music with them using the Creatures Beatbox here.

Around 20 Incrediball families were included at launch, and Ubisoft has just launched an update which includes two new Incrediball families.

There’s the Cutieflowers, a bunch of cute and cuddly Seekers, and the Furballs, a mean collection of Protectors.

There’s also three new levels based in the Nemo region and two festive costumes for Rayman and Barbara – Ray-mas and Holly, respectively.

Rayman Adventures is available right now from the App Store [download] or Google Play [download].

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