We’ve been blanketed with a blizzard of wintry releases already this month, and this week’s Crossy Road update brings even more holiday cheer to the mobile landscape. Although we were given Festive Chicken and Gifty last December, this year’s additions are one of the largest holiday updates yet.

There are no new game modes à la Pac-Man or Psy, but we did get a whopping nine new characters this week, six of which are decked out in snowy spirit. These include classic characters such as the over-excited Snowman and Reindeer, as well as less obvious choices like Pudding and Tió de Nadal. This latter addition is an anthropomorphic log dressed in a red blanket and hat that farts out small gifts and is, amazingly, a real holiday tradition known as the “poop log.” These characters all run on a beautifully detailed winterscape dotted with gift boxes and ice floes.


While the poop log is obviously our favorite new character, the other new crossers are much-appreciated additions, too. Birthday Kid celebrates Crossy Road’s first year with balloons and fireworks; Yeti tosses snowballs while escaping through the forest, and Grablin and Purple Bloop make a surprise visit from Playsaurus’ Clicker Heroes. These latter two feature a fun RPG element that lets players “defeat” other Crossy Road characters simply by hopping, which is apparently something we’ve always wanted without even knowing it.


And as one final bonus, Festive Chicken is once again free to download. If you’re new to road-crossing or missed her last year, be sure to head to the character menu and “buy” her for $0.00.

The Crossy Road holiday update and Festive Chicken are available now on all platforms. Be sure to check out our character guide for help on unlocking secret characters new and old.