As we approach the middle of December, now seems like a great time for you to take a little breather. Put down your Christmas shopping, make yourself some egg nog, and pull out your phone. There are plenty of new games to check out this week with hungry toads, stranded starships, and snowmen aplenty.

Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest

magic the gathering puzzle quest

Looking for something genuinely different in the world of match-3 combat? We’ve gone hands-on with Magic The Gathering: Puzzle Quest, and can safely say that it’s more than just a licensed reskin. Collect cards and play powers in this new twist on an old CCG favorite.

Lifeline: Silent Night

lifeline silent night

The Lifeline series changed what gamebooks could be this year, offering a brilliant real-time twist to the text-based formula. They’ve been pumping out new stories pretty quickly, too. This is the third release, this time focusing on a starship crew.

A Good Snowman is Hard to Build

a good snowman is hard to build

Puzzle your way through a winter wonderland, rolling balls of snow until you’ve assembled a chilly new friend.



I’d try to describe Flewn, but I think the App Store description does a better job than I ever could. “Flewn immerses you in the surreal journey of an old whale walking on stilts through a desert in search of a lost ocean.”

BMO Snaps

bmo snaps

It’s been a weird year for Pokemon Snap-style games. The N64 classic lacked imitators for nearly two decades, and suddenly we have more photography games than we know what to do with. The latest is an Adventure Time game that sends BMO on a quest to catalog every character in the Land of Ooo.



I like to eat things. So do toads, apparently. But when this toad eats, he gets bigger. He changes. Toadled is a wacky adventure of eating. Stay hungry, friends.

Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy

star hammer the vanguard prophecy

If you’ve been looking for a massive 4X strategy game on your iPad, Star Hammer might just fill the void. Manage everything, from crews to ships to entire fleets.

Country Friends

country escape

Gameloft’s latest offering takes players back to the world of farming, and I’ll be damned if the critters on this farm aren’t cute as a bug’s nose.

Fantastic Plastic Squad

fantastic plastic squad

Action combat the way it was meant to be played: with action figure heroes straight out of your childhood toy box.

Slingo Blast

slingo blast

Everyone’s favorite mix of slots and bingo gets a multiplayer twist, with gamers squaring off against each other to spin for the highest score.

Dungeon Time

dungeon time

Here’s something you don’t see every day: a mobile dungeon crawler with real-time, 4-player co-op. Grab some friends and get exploring, or go it alone in Dungeon Time’s single player mode.

Devouring Stars

devouring stars

Real-time strategy space battles go mobile in this minimalist offering from publisher Bulkypix. It may look (and even play) simple, but the team behind it is claiming influence from a wide range of sources, from Dan Simmons’ Illium to Homeworld. If true, this should make for an interesting mix.