New releases may be slowing down before the holiday freeze, but Christmas updates are in full, jolly swing. Land Sliders is one of the latest big names to get a Santa-inspired makeover, and it’s a doozy.

The first gift under the Land Sliders Christmas tree is a pack of new characters. A whopping 14 new sliders have been added to the roster, bringing the current total (without golden variations) to 79. Like the Halloween update, some of these characters are only attainable through special in-game means.


This time, it’s a “Christmas Quest” scavenger hunt: while sliding around a level, players may sometimes come across a giant Christmas tree surrounded by gifts, including one collectible gift box. This box will contain one of the hidden nine, although only certain characters are available at certain times. The tree in the main hub tracks which hidden characters you’ve found and which are currently available; at the moment, only three characters are hidden out in the world, but others will open up as the holiday season progresses. One is specifically marked “rare,” indicating (we assume) that you’ll have to play on a specific day (ahem, Christmas) for a chance at it.

The Christmas Quest characters are appropriately Yuletide-themed, including an elf and reindeer, but you can snag some holiday cheer from the random blind box offerings, as well. A gifty version of Turny and Christmas tree-Cat Lady hybrid are among the new characters you can win or purchase, alongside less Christmasy additions like Dreidel and Fighter Jet. The former feature appropriately decked-out worlds, with lighted trees and bows adorning the cliffside fences, while the latter have their own unique environmental changes, like all sliders.


Although we always love unlocking new characters, our favorite addition from this update is the introduction of character-specific abilities. Now, when you level up, you’ll earn not only coins but also an increased perk related to the character in question. These are all beneficial in some way and range from increased coin rewards from quests to slower enemies and even bonus swag. Each character has one ability and playing as that character automatically gives you their perk. So, using Crossy Chicken will increase every quest coin reward while playing as Ninja will reduce all enemies’ area of alert. Even better is how perfectly the perks fit their respective characters: the characters with increased hover time (before falling) are, as you’d expect, Astronaut, Cloud, UFO, and so on.


The other big addition is the option to continue playing after death. When you die, you’ll get one chance to continue by watching a video ad. If you choose to continue, you’re transported back to the starting point of the level while retaining anything collected so far, and are given a brief period of invincibility. This, along with the added perks, should help players top their current high score, although since it can only be used once per run there’s no chance for leaderboard abuse.

If you haven’t revisited Land Sliders in awhile, now is the perfect time to do so. The special perks add an extra layer of strategy to the game and the new characters are, as always, ridiculously charming. This Christmas, give yourself the gift of Turny, literally.