As far as indie projects go, few have been quite as eagerly anticipated by the Gamezebo team as Crashlands. It’s an ambitious game; something big and meaty from a studio known for small and feisty. But as a game whose development cycle began as a reaction to the illness of one of the team members (and brothers), it’s also a big @#$% you to cancer.

And it’s been in the works for a long time. Big projects take awhile, after all.

As of next month, our wait will finally be coming to an end. Crashlands release date has been set for January 21st and will launch simultaneously on the App Store, Google Play and Steam. On mobile it’ll be a $5 purchase, while on Steam it’ll be $15. If you buy it on more than one platform, we have good news: all of your save data will be saved to the cloud, letting you continue the same experience wherever you go.

So what is Crashlands? It’s an open-world game of survival and exploration promising more than 6o hours of content, crafting (with a unique self-managing inventory system to streamline the process), and plenty of the weird and wonderful charm that developer Butterscotch Shenanigans is known for.

And for those of you wondering, Sam Coster (one of the three brothers that make up the studio) has another bit of good news to share — and it’s much cooler news than a silly old release date. “I got a clear PET scan last week,” said Coster in an email to Gamezebo this week, “meaning I finally killed the goddamn cancer that started this game.”

High fives all around, Sam!