ZED is an upcoming endless running game that presents us with two truths about the inevitable zombie apocalypse:

  1. Running is the best way to stay alive and uneaten.
  2. You’re going to have to shoot down whatever gets in your way, so, y’know… get used to that.

Inspired primarily by the classic running game Dino Run (wherein you escape the creeping end of dinosaur-kind by bolting), ZED also contains a twist of Call of Duty in its genes. As one of the last humans who remains uninfected by the zombie plague, you need to run fast in order to ensure your brains stay where they belong (hint: inside your noggin).

You can’t tarry, however. If you dawdle, a black cloud steals up behind you. Don’t expect anything good to happen if it engulfs you.

Luckily, you have access to a large cache of guns that should help you clear a path to safety. Said guns are also customizable, so if you can’t find a friend amongst the living, at least you can build and hold one that spits bullets.

Look for ZED on the App Store come December 10.