TruckSimulation 16 is a brand new mobile truck driving simulator that just launched on iOS and Android which challenges you to build up your own logistics providing business from the ground.

You’ll start small in a MAN F8 and take on a few delivery orders for cash. When you’ve raked in enough you can buy a better truck and take on bigger orders.


When you first begin it can help to drive as carefully as possible as you earn bonus money from having no accidents.

You’ll soon have enough cash to hire your own team of AI drivers who will perform delivery jobs for you and massively boost your income.


And you’ll need that money because there are a ton of trucks to purchase, as well as trailers and tank containers for transporting different types of goods.

It’s not all trucks and logistics providing though. You can explore the beautiful game world at your leisure, which is themed on Western and Central Europe, and includes iconic landmarks and over 20 cities to visit.

TruckSimulation 16 is out right now in the App Store [download] and Google Play [download].

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