Today, ZeptoLab finally shared some more details on Cut The Rope: Magic, the next entry in the Cut The Rope franchise. Cut the Rope: Magic has protagonist Om Nom thrown into a fantasy-themed world of shape-shifting magic and an evil wizard.

The wizard, you see, has stolen everyone’s candies and it is up to Om Nom to rescue the kingdom. And by “rescue the kingdom” I mean he’s going to go and eat all the candy he can possibly find.


To aid Om Nom on his tasty adventure are new shape-shifting abilities that players can utilize to get him into hard-to-reach areas. Turning Om Nom into a bird grants him the ability of flight, turning into Baby Om Nom gives him the ability to get into small places, and so on.

“Cut the Rope: Magic takes the gameplay and character our fans know and love and adds a whole new theme and set of features to create a fresh, magical experience for anyone, regardless of their past experience with the series. We hope our game will make the holiday season even more magical for players around the world!” said Semyon Voinov, ZeptoLab’s Creative Director, in today’s press release. Voinov goes on to praise the game as their best looking game yet.

Cut the Rope Magic is due out on December 17th for Android and iOS devices.