Slow weeks are slow, but this week has one big saving grace: updates. A few big releases received some pretty substantial content updates this week, so we’ve added them into the rotation alongside the biggest new titles you can play.

Old game or new game, there’s bound to be something fresh you’ll want to dig into today:

Rayman Adventures

rayman adventures

If you’re ever looking for a shining example of mobile platforming done right, you needn’t look much farther than Rayman Jungle Run and Rayman Fiesta Run. The third game in the series, Rayman Adventures, has finally arrived on the App Store — but does it live up to its predecessors? Find out in our upcoming review.

Temple Run 2: Frozen Shadows

temple run 2 frozen shadows luge

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to play more Temple Run, this is it. Temple Run 2 received a free update today that coats everything in ice and snow. Our initial impressions suggest that there’s nothing terribly revolutionary here, but hey — any excuse to reinstall Temple Run 2 is a good one.



If you’re into the hobbyist board game market, you’ve no doubt played a deck-building game or three in recent years. But like every genre, it had to get its start somewhere. Dominion was the first deck-building game, and in many ways, it’s still one of the best. After years of trying to get this on touchscreen devices, it’s finally happened. Whether you’re new to the genre or an old hat, don’t hesitate to grab this game.

Planet Diver

planet diver

Do you enjoy thrillseeking? How about sky diving? Commit daring hijinx in Planet Diver, a new game about falling fast and avoiding endlessly as you try to outrun your doom.

Aralon: Forge & Flame

aralon forge and flame

Open-world RPGs return to mobile, once again courtesy of Crescent Moon Games. After hits like Ravensword: Shadowlands and Exiles: Far Colony, the publisher has gone back to an earlier hit. This one is the sequel to 2010’s Aralon: Sword and Shadow.

DomiNations: World War update

dominations world war

DomiNations is a game focused on the clashing of civilizations — but what if all of those civilizations clashed at once? There’s a new mode built around alliance (clan) warfare. Soldiers, it’s time to take the field.

Star Wars Commander: The Force Awakens update

Star Wars Commander

Wondering what the planet Takodana will look like in Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Players of Star Wars Commander are getting an early taste today, with new characters, missions, and units to wage war with.

Sniper Fury

sniper fury

Looking down the scope of our rifles, our crosshairs find their target… another sniper game! We’ve seen a few of these in 2015, and that’s not a bad thing. The latest offering is from Gameloft, who’ve proven they know a thing or two about shooting games.