Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) developer Scott Cawthon recently released some new images of his upcoming RPG, FNAF World. All the new images are on the game’s IndieDB site, and reddit user Poiuy2010_2011 helpfully amalgamated all the new images into one Imgur post.

The game’s looking as creepily cute as ever, plus there are numerous screens that reference the Atari-style mini-games that pop up in the regular FNAF series. It’s still unclear how everything ties together, or what kind of story Scott will be telling in this candy-colored RPG of his. One thing that can be discerned is that FNAF World isn’t as cute and harmless as it looks on its surface. As I pointed out when the game’s first trailer was unveiled earlier this month, each fuzzy update to FNAF World brings something dark and foreboding to its main page.

This time we have a darkened image of Balloon Boy that, when lightened, offers the words “MADNESS TAKES MANY FORMS.”

No arguments here! FNAF World is planned for PC and mobile. We should see it in 2016.

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