Go! Go! CommanderVideo is out now for  iOS devices, and it’s a dashing good time.

The game is an endless runner staring the Bit.Trip series’ main character, CommanderVideo. It’s a pretty simple game really, with players just needing to tap to leap over pits and enemies, while collecting as much gold and traveling as far as possible.

There’s also collectible hats that you can buy with the gold you pick up during your runs. There are lots of hats actually, and even a handful of unlockable avatars to dress up with those hats for a look quite dashing. I unlocked all of the tier one hats and they consisted of a banana, a boom box, a brain, and a bomb. It’s purely conincidence that they all happen to start with the letter B, so sit back down, conspiracy theorists.

Go! Go! CommanderVideo is stylistically different than recent games featuring Commander Video (like Runner2) in that it features pixelated graphics, rather than 3D graphics that were previously featured in the series. This gives Go! Go! an arcade game feel that reinforces the feeling that the game is a quick-play game that you’ll put a few tries into now and then. It’s not a super big game, or something that will really leave an impact, but it’s there, and free, so you might as well give it a go if you enjoy endless runners.