If you live in a metropolis with a subway (or tube, or metro), then you probably have to deal with the frustrations that come with said subway: Delays, breakdowns, and raids by flesh-eating Morlocks that live in the darkest parts of the tunnels.

“This is crap,” you say while waiting for the subway to arrive, or while the person on your left gets their face ripped off and used as an impromptu war mask. “I can design a better subway system in my sleep.”

It’s time to put up.

Mini Metro is an engineering game from Dinosaur Polo Club that lets you build a subway system for your favorite city. You start small with three stops marked by shapes (circle, triangle, square), and you must ferry similarly-shaped citizens to their matching stops.

In other words, you can’t simply succeed in Mini Metro by looking up a map of an existing subway system and copying it. I thought you hated that horrible, inefficient system anyway…?

Mini Metro is currently available on Steam, but a mobile release is in the works, too. Imagine playing it while riding the subway. Now take a step back from the brink before your mind spirals down into the meta-void.

[via Offworld]